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Ran and Shinichi/Conan are red and blue respectively.
Jack the Ripper : See In the Blood, above.
Beam of Enlightenment : When someone resolves a case (not only Conan, but also Heiji and/or Kogoro there's an onscreen flash shaped as a light beam.
Shinichi ends up soccer-kicking it through a skylight in one of the most blatant CGI special-effects ever.For the Most Triumphant Example : the turbo-powered skateboard that appears in just about every movie and quite a few of the anime-only Filler episodes?The subversion is that the death was accidental.Little Old Lady Investigates : In episode 219, Kogoro is invited to a gathering of other famous detectives in the adult category as opposed to Shinichi's teen detective peers.Heiji was planning on showing up, dressed as Shinichi, to help him out of Ran's suspicions.Mama Bear : Ran has gone into Mama Bear mode more than once to protect Conan.Adaptation Distillation : A feature length film adaptation of a 2,000-page manga.

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Green-Eyed Monster : Shinichi, Ran, Kazuha, Heiji, pokemon game boy advance Satou, Ayumi, etc.
Another episode involved Michiru solving a scam mystery.
Conspicuous CGI : The brainwave pattern indicator that Doctor nishi uses to measure Tetsuo's abilities.
Her boyfriend found the crime scene and saw that the victim wrote "Tina" in his own blood as he died, so he changed the message to "Ringo the name of another suspect.Stab the Scorpion : Ai and Mitsuhiko are scared away from a crime scene by a gunshot, but Conan eventually deduces that the man who shot at them did it to keep them from being mauled by a pissed off (literal) Mama Bear.She is also very loved by fans thanks to her personality and the Ship Tease with Conan.Woman Scorned : The motive of many a murder; Ran also got very tsun when a young girl showed up claiming to be Shinichi's girlfriend (the little boy she was babysitting had been kidnapped and she was looking for Shinichi to help, using the "girlfriend".You'll find many resources are available to you for free.Beautiful Dreamer : Tetsuo teleports into Kaori's room to watch her as she sleeps.Used Future : The decaying, rundown Neo-Tokyo.