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Ebsco atlaserials, Religion Collection ebsco atla Religion Database with atlaserials Brooks, James., "The Unity and Structure of the Sermon on the Mount Criswell Theological Review, 1992.
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Every microscope in which a flower is viewed gives a lively comment on this text." The Sermon on the Mount 9 (Matt 6:24-34).Although the Pulpit Commentary is impressive in size and is generally theologically conservative, as with most of the commentaries written prior to 1900, it is not recommended as your primary commentary but only as a secondary resource.It is about having a clear goal and setting up the path in a way that takes us there and not down the side alleys of spending too much time thinking about ourselves." Comments (commentary) and Clippings (technical notes for in-depth study Chris Haslam, Anglican.The NAS also has the advantage over the NIV in that it identifies words in italics that are not present in the original language but which have been added power utility recruitment 2015 by the translators to make the passage more readable.E-Sword - Free Bible Study Software Program : E-Sword is without doubt the best free software available and so it is highly recommended.

If you agree that literal interpretation is the safest and most accurate way to interpret Scripture, you will find that Garland's work is one of the best resources available on the book of the Revelation.
Wordsearch also has a very good Bible program, albeit much less expensive than Logos and with fewer resources (although they have been purchased by Lifeway and will doubtless increase their inventory).
Matthew Henry's, complete, commentary on the Whole Bible online click here, matthew Henry's, concise.
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It is that anxious solicitude, that oppressive care, which springs from unbelieving doubts and misgivings, which alone is here condemned." From The People's New Testament,.W.In the PC comments on the book of Isaiah there is only a single mention of the "millennium" (and even that mention is not interpreted correctly) compared with 52 mentions in the highly more literal Bible Knowledge Commentary.Commentaries on prophetic books vary widely in their interpretative approach, and you may not always be able to easily discern their bias.Saunders, "God's Merciful Community Currents in Theology and Mission, 1987.S Sermon on the Mount?For information regarding accessibility for disabled persons, see.48 Hebrew and toward your husband will be your desire.John MacArthur interprets " the mountain of the house of the lord " as a literal mountain, writing that it is a " reference.210) Chapter XII, On Idolatry, Tertullian (c.The grave has a door on its inner side." Other Bible Translations (especially the Amplified Version Although you may not have thought of different versions of the Bible as potential "commentaries you might be surprised at the insights that can be gleaned from reading.