medieval 2 total war kingdoms mods stainless steel 6.3

As merchants get older, they lose movement points.
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Rusichi mod units implemented.Slave faction are now a the dead of the night book lot more active - including the ability to use merchants, spies and assassins.The Late Era Campaign - Time frame is year per turn and 340 turns - Historically accurate empires * - Historically accurate family trees (within the limits of the game engine) - Advanced settlements and units available at the game start - A few settlements.BftB units by Caesar Clivus implemented.Version.2 was released for the M2TW official patch.2 in this thread in May 2007.Choose yes or no with different impacts.The Factions 28 Playable Factions New Factions : * The Khwarezmian Empire arezmempire * Cuman Khanate t/forums/showt.New music by Kevin MacLeod, Jon Sayles Bill Hudak, vanilla MTW2 music was also brought back.

Stainless Steel mostly keeps the same setting as the original Medieval 2 campaign, though it expands the map east and north while removing America.
New ground types and custom climates.
Water now looks a whole lot better!
Added a new region below Kiev (Ireland is now 2 regions).
Early/Late Generals rarely recruitable in castles/citadels Income, city growth and distance to capital punishment rebalanced More balanced money script to support AI Factions Byzantium can build Highways Added many missing and additional units such as Dismounted Gothic Knights, English Armored Sergeants, Dismounted Broken Lances, Hussars.Informative Events when a certain capital is fallen, when a princess comes of age and when a monarch dies Improved and challenging AI Armies * - Ai now uses unit priorities to build their armies - Ai is forced to make better game p2p gr 696 mix.(please refer to RR/RC OCT 30 post for more detailed changes) edit Traits Ancilliaries Rebalanced merchant traits for 1TPY.Missile and gunpowder units do more damage - Spearmen are now stronger against cavalry - Increased effect of heat on heavily armored units.Also a FAQ can be found at the bottom of this post.Faction selection crash fixed.Watch and take care of your general and the moral and suply of his army!Mongols are finally pagan.Tyre for some of his new skins All others for their feedback and bug reports A full list of credits for all release versions can be found in this forum topic edit History Stainless steel.0 has been included on the free DVD supplied with.