mercruiser service manual #16

Caution: DO NOT operate engine without.
Position reverse lock valve in open position (shift to nfs world game launcher "forward.
(and Position) Driven Gear Shimming Tool.Usually a failed head gasket will not cause the engine to overheat below cruising speed.Remove extension rod to cable end adapter clevis pin and e - Clevis Pin (Extension Rod to End Adaptor) remove the invention of morel epub cable end adaptor.When any product component is serviced, care and cleanliness are important.Remove rear hose clamp Irom exhaust bellows (Figure 3, (if equipped) and tilt bell housing up as far as possible.Inspect forward gear for pitting, chipped or broken teeth and excessive or uneven wear.Lb-ft Air manifold to heat exchanger screw Page 6C-21 closed cooled models service manual number 37 Installation.In those cases, it is necessary only to perform the operations which are required to replace the faulty part.6B-7 6 B Page 6B-1 windows xp home edition genuine product key seawater cooled models service manual number 37 Torque Specifications Models With Multi-Point Drain Systems Description Nm lb-in.While shifting, turn propeller shaft counterclockwise until shaft stops, to assure full clutch engagement.Cavitation Burn What Is Ventilation?

Uncap and install trim hoses to cylinders.
Install c-clip to drain rod.
(Figure 9) Check and correct (if necessary) drive gear to driven gear clearance, as follows: mercruiser drive unit - 3B- 1 shimming (drive gear).
As the motor cools, the switch will close to permit normal ooeration.Description Where Used Part Number Loctite 567 Pipe Sealant Pipe plug Page 7B ervice manual number 37 manifolds AND elbows Page 7B-5.Follow complete removal procedure, as explained in "Gimbal Ring Replacement - Removal preceding.Trim drive unit upward until front edge drive shaft housing of drive unit is protruding3/!" to 1" (19mm.4mm) into gimbal ring support bosses, as shown in Figure.Description Where Used Part Number Engine oil Seawater pump bearing shaft Obtain locally 78137 a c b a - Seawater pump bearing housing b - Rear oil seal c - Bearing shaft assembly note: The bearing shaft assembly into the seawater pump bearing housing.