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For example: "Dead Money" for Fallout: New Vegas, and "The Bank Job" for Payday.
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If it was published in a non-English country first, list the original country's website; in addition, list all relevant websites for English publications.If the release period spreads across a year boundary, this can be summarized as "released in 20".Play Oracle of Seasons in GBA enhanced mode with the GBC palettes.Tonin Chevalier de Reze recherche ou acheter du viagra a geneve.This section should not contain excessive detail about the game's plot, descriptions about the setting, or game guide information.Le prix du viagra en pharmacie en belgique, peut on acheter du viagra pour femme en pharmacie, ou acheter du viagra a geneve Tarbes.Section-specific advice edit Article title edit Main pages: Wikipedia:Article titles and Wikipedia:Naming conventions (video games) Title Wikipedia articles by the subject's common name : The name most commonly used in English-language reliable, secondary sources and best balance of the five naming criteria : recognizability, naturalness.

Never upload non-free soundtrack art similar in content to the main infobox's non-free art.
While character lists can include some plot summary specific to the character, these plots should not be rehashes of the video game(s) in which they appear but instead broad strokes that simplify the plots of individual games.
Will a new version be available every night?The article's plot coverage should be proportional to the plot's importance in the game, as determined by its weight in the article's source material.Acheter du viagra sans ordonnance.The PlayStation 4 is currently when?Based on: Wikipedia is not a manual, guidebook, or textbook: Instruction manuals Succession boxes may be valid in some cases, but they should not be used for things such as being a bestselling game for a single month in one nation for a single console.