mini games lobby map

this was used and hassince been retired from the server I owned (t) so feel free to use this spawn on your server (just don't clam it as your own plz :3 tanks.
If you want server resources like this, why don't you give me a shiny blue gem as a token of your gratitude?
If you like plez leave your server ip down in the discription if your useing it on your server!
Do not re-upload this build to any other site without my permission.
Not Allowed to: - You are not allowed to take credit for the build!I'm PixelMania and I'm back with another Minecraft spawn for your servers!More Projects by geekmakes, project, project, project, project, project, view All, featured in Collections, site Statistics.Your support keeps me going!And make sure you to throw your bucket of diamonds!Site Statistics, latest Hot Complex Projects!

Mini-games-lobby 1323338, posted on 5/21/2014 : Hey guys, just bringing you yet another professional build of mine that is now available for download! .
So I'm back with another project!
Allowed to: - Use it for your server but do windows 7 themes pack for windows 7 ultimate 32 bit not take credit for.
This started as a side project with some friends on Team Talonzire, however it quickly grew bigger than just a simple castle and this eventually became a minigames lobby which I am presenting here to you today.
Just credit me in the comments below first.Project, view All, featured in Collections.It took around 8-10 hours to build and comes complete with an official parkour and easter eggs.It would be much appreciated!Latest Hot Other Projects!If you're willing to send them my way, then send me.Comments : 0, more Projects by PixelisMania, project.The map was built by: PixelMania ( me ).