mio c250 mapy 2013

I know that with a mortscript i can load stuff at start up but.
There is an image file inside windows called p (the image that is loaded at boot up) that i would love very much to change but, for the vc runtime 140 dll reasons stated before, i cant.
I want my scripts to be in the gps memory and not the sd game bubble witch 2 saga card.
All my maps are in the sd card and iGo can load them without any problem.
Im asking because i'm starting to wonder if my mio is in fact unlocked.Also, i installed iGo by deleting the original navigation software and copying iGo files to the miomap folder, then i renamed igo.Not to say impossible.How bootmgr is missing windows 7 no disk should i call them from the gps if all i have access to is My Flash Disk?I've made some ultra simple scripts and its all fine but all i really wanted to do was to change the image at start up and costumize the menu and buttons.Furthermore, when i copy something to the gps memory the system automatically creates a folder called Copy of Windows so that, in the next hard reset, it can restore everything to its original state._ JVC KV-PX70,takeMS traffix 43,Arival NAV-PNF 50i,TT myphone M500. Martech MSS-BOX II Genie Universal Clip MT-Box Griffin Box .A.F.Exe _ JVC KV-PX70,takeMS traffix 43,Arival NAV-PNF 50i,TT myphone M500.Since all the related files are inside the windows folder and, apparently, everything is stored in a ROM i guess its not going to be that easy.

If my gps wasnt unlocked would i be able to do this?
Mio, c 250, mio.
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