monitor off utility windows 7

Customize Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu Click on Customize from System Tray Menu.
There are many more software downloads available on this website on a free to try basis such as Auto Shutdown Softwares providing tons of features klass of 99 game for controlling computer shutdown.
DriverAssist gets you off all the trouble of doing all these, and it does its work silently to ensure your PC habits run along smoothly.
Shutdown site, software listing by shutdown feature supported.
Add On, programs / Applications.Installer Creates Shortcut on Desktop also you can create a Desktop Shortcut to Turn Off Laptop Monitor from "Turn Off Monitor" Utility Settings.Use this Microsoft Driver Update Utility to update your Microsoft Audio drivers, bios drivers, CD drivers, Camera drivers, Card Reader drivers, DVD drivers, Display drivers, Ethernet drivers, Game Controller drivers, Graphics drivers, Hard Disk Drive drivers, isdn drivers, Keyboard drivers, Laptop drivers, Modem drivers, Monitor.The Software has other tons of features which can be really handy and easy to use with a dual or multiple monitor computer.Lock Computer manually or whenever computer is locked automatically, and the software download will turn off monitor automatically.Window title to be monitored can be defined exactly or partially.Tweak7 is also safe to use.With a slight mouse cursor movement or a keypress on keyboard, all the monitors will wake.(Supported only on Windows Vista) Let Computers Save Energy, and and reduce your energy bills for better.Exe C:Program FilesSonySetting Utility SeriesVersion.

And in case you feel that another relative feature should have been there or some feature should have been implemented in a better way, you can write to.
Sony Shared Library doesnt leave any uninstall traces in Program and FeaturesUninstall a program.
Shutdown Timer to Shutdown a Windows Computer Use ShutDown Timer to ShutDown Computer after defined number of minutes.
Exe C:Program FilesSonyvaio Event tworklist.However if you define an existing Hot Key (eg F1 which is normally used to display Help), then when you press F1 anytime then Monitor would be turned off.Turn Off Monitor can be used to switch off Desktop Monitor without pressing the button on the computer monitor.Fixing a Hasty Disorganized Installation You need to remove any instances of the aforementioned software installed previously, before methodically installing them fresh: Leave Sony Firmware Extension Parser (sfep) Device Driver alone.Each driver is shown with its name, associated device and a link to download the latest version.