ms office for mac student vs. business

The Word Focus Mode feature hides all ribbons and controls from the screen so that you could focus on writing in Word, while keeping the most relevant commands at your fingertips thanks to the Touch Bar.
Touch Bar features in Outlook: Microsoft confirmed that Touch Bar support for Outlook and Skype for Business would be coming soon.
The difference is that the Business Premium subscription also has Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business Online.
Pay 229.99 (229.99 includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, install on: 1 Mac, oneDrive storage: 15GB, skype: n/a.
There are two Office 365 subscriptions for businesses with up to 300 users, and you can still pay for them month by month.The key distinction between the two is their software applications.This makes tools and commands easier to locate and be used.The Professional suite comes with a free one year technical support so you can just call Microsofts techs whenever you have a problem with MS Office.Office Home Student 2016 for Mac.The difference is that with the Personal subscription you can install the software on one PC or Mac and on one tablet and one phone, but Office 365 Home lets you put the same software on five Macs or PCs and on five tablets and.

Larger businesses will want the Office 365 enterprise plans, which include more security and information management tools, and which you have to pay for on a yearly basis.
The Outlook software of Office Professional is more improved with Business.
See now on the US Microsoft Store.
Lets take a look and compare the two with their latest 2007 versions.Almost two years has passed since the initial release of Office for Mac 2016, but we're not expecting Office for Mac 2017 any time soon.Since then, several new no one lives forever 2 patch 1.3 ita features have been introduced to the software package, including new features for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.This is the longest period of time to have passed between Office for Mac updates, the previous record being 1,088 days, while the longest length of time passing between a Windows and a Mac version update to date has been 188 days.But Student doesnt have the Outlook, Access, and Publisher applications that you would otherwise find in the Professional.Publisher is pretty similar to Word but it gives prime focus on how you layout the elements like text and pictures on a page.The Student suite also comes with technical support, but only for 90 days.The Office Professional contains Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word and Outlook with Business Contact Manager While Office Standard contains Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.