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Thats your own head ache.
This time, the difference was clear.
Without much thought, I made the all - important decision - the one decision I had to lament over every minute afterwards.I must proceed with my efforts to save myself.I was wearing trousers (shorts just long enough to reach the thighs, and nothing underneath.My joy was going leaps and bounds by then.In fact, there was not even an inch left out.What I fear is another aspect.And, on the other hand, Sir, if you DO report it to my parents, whats there to give the so called guarantee?In any other situation, it could have been more than enough to bring me down in tears.The moment I heard these words, I thought: What a terrible mistake!I spent the next chicken run game windows xp 3 hours convincing him that I'm home office redundancy pay happy with him and just going through a rough patch of depression.What can you say when a teacher says that hes been keeping a childish (or, should I say childlike?) letter from an old student, as if it were a precious treasure, for all these years?Shall I go, Sir?

The Surprise Factor was the name of the teacher whom I was going to visit, because Jose Sir didnt feature in my usual visits list that was somewhat by-heart to my father.
But, this time, it was not going to be the case.
My fathers immediate response was an outright.He put the cane back into the drawer.Yes, I felt that I was a real champion, having just won over the heart of a teacher.Ive scored a comprehensive win over Sirs mind.He said, I dont know for sure, but Markose Sir (Yes, the same Markose Sir whom I have talked about in the previous article ) might.Looking at the paper once again, to convince myself of the infallible and incredible (?!) way in which I had done the trick, I finally made up my mind.