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The opportunity is to create relatively grassroots ads, six to eight minutes long that give an in depth brand experience and are released online.
The automaker had said those investments would create 650 new jobs and this announcement represents nearly half of that target."It also demonstrates GM's collaboration with our UAW partners to innovate and bring tangible benefits to our customers.".Comment one is still a mass media strategy and not an interactive social media implementation and comment two is a reactive strategy.Francis: From Flavored Snot to Applesauce Videos And a New On-Site Workshop!

Also commenting on the panel was Curt Hecht, executive vice president of GM Planworks (GM Planworks, a unit of Publicis Groupes Starcom MediaVest Group, handles all buying and planning for GMs more than 3 billion account he added.
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I often use this image in my speaking engagements : Unlike a coat check, our workplaces dont hand out claim tickets but thinking about that led to todays cartoon collaboration.
Scott Montys comment on a video interview at Blog World Las Vegas was on the money when he said that they do things on social media a lot different to their competitors.General Motors, my initial encounter with GM and their use of social media came to my attention when David posted a blog chiding them on their marketing strategy, where he made 5 suggestions on what they should be doing with social media.Well, that sort of misses the point of Kaizen, as we see that everybody has the ability to improve their own work and their workplace.You will notice on their multiple Social Media channels of That there is a lot more content created by the fans of Ford (crowd sourced content) than GMs strategy of controlled content from the GM beauracracy.ZDNet they reported on a a panel discussion at a workshop.Do yourself a favor and get a Ford as they are built Ford Tough and Chey's are more like Sand than like a Rock.Next 1 of 395, mark Graban on, hal.They know that they messed up and are not willing to do a mass recall as they of course don't want to lose business.The truck began not wanting to shift into second gear, was running rough and burning through oil and gas.