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But can a man change so because of the death of one friend?
I had promised him earlier that, if I graduated, I would dine with him, and not with anyone else.
He pulled out his purse and, finding a five-sen piece, gave it to the boy.
these last words of Sensei's strangely warmed my heart."Shizu, this house will be yours when I die." Sensei's wife laughed.He would hate.Sensei's wife did not seem to know very much about it either, and her uneasiness concerning it amounted to little more than a few grave doubts.Sensei, however, refused to take me seriously."At the moment, I am chief of the army scouts he said, and then rushed down the hill through the azaleas.That this grave was of some profound significance to Sensei, I knew well."It is not you in particular that I distrust, but the whole of humanity." I could hear the cry of a goldfish vendor from the lane on the other side of the hedge.You, however, seem to have become quite gay."I will tell you she said, "and you must tell me what you think." "I will do my best." "I can't tell you all.I thought about my diploma lying on the desk and, though it seemed to have some significance as a kind of symbol of the beginning of a new life, I could not help feeling that it was a meaningless scrap of paper too.

I chattered endlessly to Sensei about what I had said.
He was not staying at an ordinary inn, but had his rooms in a mansion-like building within the grounds of a large temple.
I was a rather simple-minded young man; women, for example, were total strangers to the kind of world I knew or had experienced.
As I stood in front of the tree, thinking of the coming autumn when I would be walking up the path once more, the porch light suddenly went out.
That is what is so frightening about men.On my desk was the package that Sensei' s wife had given.An hour later, I heard Sensei calling from beneath my window.I detected little of the New Year spirit as I walked about the cold, windy streets.This time, we saw the lady of the house on the front porch, winding thread onto a spool with the help of a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen.As always when I dined at Sensei's, I found the bowls and chopsticks neatly laid out on white linen such as one sees in the European-style restaurants.There is nothing else I particularly want to do now." Silently, we walked downhill 2013 cricket world cup game towards the south.