nazi zombies portable der riese map

To find spawn room look under the red tower by all game yugioh 5ds power of chaos the command blocks behind the mainframe.
You have to survive for as long as you can earning points every time you kill a zombie opening doors to get to better Perks weapons traps desperately trying to reach a High round like round 5345 just an example thats impossible unless your using.
Play ON normal difficulty AND 50 brightness FOR best experience! .wunderwaffe DG-2 - new gun * monkey bombs - new bomb * teleporters - teleport.hell hounds - zombie dogs * Electric fences - ouch.NEW stuff IN DER riese!Hahahahahahahahahahahaha you have to start again on round 1 with your shitty pistol - Colt M1911.Also remember, you have to turn the power on to use teleporters, traps, and perks!Also I'm still working on this so excpect a new update within the next few weeks!So please diamond this to motivate me to finish building this project! .

I own Call of duty: world at war (COD WAW) on ps3, I have all the map packs: nacht der untoten, zombie verr├╝ckt, shi no numa and der riese.
Pack-a-punch machine upgraded weapon list - * MG 42 - Barracuda, fU A11 (lmao) * Browning M1919 - B115 accularator * Kar98k - armageddon * ppsh-41 - The Reaper * Ray gun - Portars X2 Ray gun * Gewehr 43 - G115 compressor * FG42.
What is Nazi zombies?There are some zombie spawners but I haven't put them all.I have been making this map for a bit and it is Der Riese from Call Of Duty World At War.Note - you can also throw a molotov or monkey bomb at the monkey in the furnace for something different 2 happen.I also have made a resource pack with cod5 sounds like perk jinggles, red alert 3 full game for pc an easter egg song, and radios!( made in Germany, you know Germany always make good stuff ).I have not finished but when I am done it will be close or exactly 1:1 scale.For all the retards who don't play consoles because they would rather go Downtown with there mummys and daddys, Nazi zombies is a survival minigame on Call of Duty - World at War.No - I would rather stick to my little baby guns and have no 'Zing' to my weapons.