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Code: config_iwlagny, config_IWL4965y, i really don't know what to use or post.
MAC Address: Interface studio one artist 3 3 ip Init SAR ifno:4 chan:1 VPI/VCI:8/36 HalCh:954e3b30, OsSetup:00000000) aal5 Inst 0, Ch 1 Config Dump: TxNumBuffers :00000064, TxNumQueues :00000002 RxNumBuffers :00000064, RxBufSize :00001582 TxServiceMax :00000032, RxServiceMax:00000016 RxBufferOffset:00000000, DaMask :00000001 CpcsUU :00000000, Gfc :00000000.
Interface 20 ip ruleCheck Group: 0, Error: Useless rule index will be truncated ruleCheck Group: 1, Error: Useless rule index will be truncated ruleCheck Group: 2, Error: Useless rule index will be truncated cbac rule format check succeed!I have learned a lot from friday about linux and i still have to learn and do a install from beggining with a new x9000 cpu when i will get in 2 weeks.Or you can use our free software called Router IP Address.Put the Internal IP Address of your Intracom NetFasteR-IAD in the Address Bar of your web browser.D/net _ Lost configuring your system?There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router's IP address: You can either follow our How To Find Your Routers IP Address guide.Lo started rmnologin started urandom started Runlevel: default alsasound started dbus started hald started local started h started netmount started udev-postmount started xdm started Runlevel: nonetwork local started Runlevel: single Runlevel: unassigned acpid stopped bluetooth stopped consolekit stopped crypto-loop stopped cupsd stopped device-mapper stopped dhcpcd.Power Up ProSlic milliseconds.How To Reset your Router.

Runtask id8 if_task if5, priority: 125.
Lo'.sorry, it's early, I'm being confusing because I'm not fully awake.
Port1 reset_802dot1x wireless module ready blob_set_bcast_keyid keyid2 reset_802dot1x 802.1Xv2 ready Prodaainitialize: Line-Side Device Status 0 Port 2 sytem-side revision 44, line-side revision 6 Detecting cgpio mory read address c436 data 3fff initrelayOn : 0 The FXO polarity now is 1 0 The fxs_map_to_fxo_polar now.Now -2 uPort 13 (-1) dot net framework 4.5 offline installer for windows xp Channel 14 data reset to default.SAR_frequncy Hz manu_id007F chip_id2249, eON EN29LV160AB bottom boot 16-bit mode found.Bsaically Code: cd /etc/init.Copying boot NE, press Space Bar 3 times to enter command mode.It looks like this: Then press the Enter key on your keyboard.Power Up ProSlic 1 took 7 milliseconds.Image1 at 0xB0040000, len 992735, image2 at 0xB0132800, len 167361, image3 at 0xB015B800, len 219107.D/net # This blank configuration will automatically use dhcp for any net.* # scripts in /etc/init.Eth0 Interface doesn't support scanning.