new car game tech demo

Its just you, the car, and big playground to full of things to bash, jump, and destroy.
I have now deleted the Mediafire link to download version.0.
You can download the Limited Tech Demo by signing up for their 4 elements game full version newsletter.Next Car Game has advanced system damage and car modifications-you can change both the appearance of elements (body color, patterns, etc.I'm not moderator, but I would ask you remove the download link.0, please.Videogamer555," from: Purple44 on April 09, 2017, 10:00:50.Report problems with download to).Link avidemux 2.6 64 bit deutsch deleted because apparently version.0 was never available for free.Videogamer555," from: Purple44 on April 09, 2017, 10:23:32.«Last Edit: April 10, 2017, 10:34:23 AM by Purple44» Pages: 1 « previous next ».

Team Bugbear, july 5, 2017, dear Wreckers, No rest for the wicked!
Thanks for the info.
Next Car Game is a great looking destruction heavy racing game with amazing environmental destruction, sophisticated physics-based driving dynamics and damage models.
Sneak Peek with some more stuff, like an online object cannon derby mode.
Videogamer555, i've seen a number of people including Nerd3 playing this tech demo on, and was wondering where to download a copy of this myself?I'm just sharing somebody else's download link.Latest News, july 7, 2017, dear Wreckers, As the saying goes, never two without three the third hotfix for the June Update is now out, seeking to enhance dedicated server resilience to intermittent network errors and further improve server well as adjust the parameters of the car.Purple44, you read wrong somewhere.Just curious though now, does tech demo.0 only come with pre-orders, such that when the game is finally released, it will no longer be possible to get a copy of it?Purple44, bugbear also posted a link in this thread: Is the original Tech Demo still avaliable?And in case you are wondering why I did this, it is because from looking video of the full game m/watch? It comes from.Next Car Game looks like its taking carnage to a whole new level.