new lego sets collection v2

Success Array of years No years Nothing Invalid theme Nothing Invalid API key Nothing Invalid userHash Nothing.
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Owned Set to 1 to retrieve a list of subthemes for a specific theme in a users's owned sets list.382 people have joined this week.Wanted Set to 1 to retrieve a list of themes in a users's wanted sets list.This will only return records if the user has made his/her collection public.Whats new about powerdvd 15 key code the Technic Pneumatics system this year?Note that subthemeCount, yearFrom and yearTo will not be populated.Whether you want to build in lots of small, detailed functions into a big model, or use it to build a cool pneumatics function into a small model, the small cylinder is your go-to guy.The slim-line cylinder, this slimmer cylinder is the width of a 1-module element.Invalid API key, nothing getSet, retrive full information about one set.

6876-1 year, integer, kmplayer full crack vn-zoom year owned, set to 1 to retrieve a user's owned sets, otherwise leave blank wanted, set to 1 to retrieve a user's wanted sets, otherwise leave blank orderBy, specify sort order.
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Theme, internet explorer 7 setup for xp theme subtheme, subtheme setNumber.Success Array of subthemes.This is NOT the set number, it's the internal unique database ID that remains constant, whereas set numbers may not.Wanted Set to 1 to retrieve a list of years for a specific theme in a users's owned sets list.Valid values are Number, YearFrom, Pieces, Minifigs, Rating, UKRetailPrice, USRetailPrice, CARetailPrice, EURetailPrice, Theme, Subtheme, Name, Random.All parameters except apiKey are optional but must be passed as blanks if not used.This years collection comes in black, grey and blue.Join Markus at his desk and learn more about the features of the new Technic Pneumatics.Use this to retrieve a user's collection (in conjunction with owned/wanted) without logging in as the user.GetSets, retrieve a list of sets.