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Juliusz i Ethel (1954; Julius and).) a fost un scriitor i publicist polonez.In Leon Kruczkowski.1939, Kruczkowski spent World War II in a prison camp.After the war he joined the Polish Communist Party and was a prominent activist in state and party affairs.1928 : Ciocane deasupra lumii Moty nad wiatem 1932 : Kordiam i ranul Kordian i cham 1935 : Pene de pun Pawie pióra 1938 : În atmosfera dictaturii W klimacie dyktatury 1949 : Nemii media player for dvd software Niemcy 1959 : Prima zi de libertate Pierwszy dzie wolnoci.De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liber, salt la: Navigare, cutare, leon Kruczkowski (n.

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His finest play, Niemcy (1949; The Germans analyzed the rapid spread of Nazi ideology among the German people.
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