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V8.0 edit The package.0 was simply labeled 'Norton Utilities.0 but it was called Norton Utilities for Macintosh.0 in support pages.
Utility, the Norton Utilities is a suite of disk and system utilities designed to enhance system performance and stability.
65 Controversies edit 2012 January source code hack edit On January 17, 2012, Symantec admitted to their network getting hacked.
56 Norton Utilities for Unix edit In 1990, Peter Norton Computing developed a Unix version of Norton Utilities, in cooperation with Segue Software and interactive Systems Corp.DiskLook, complete floppy disk displays and maps.Cons: Some components are very system intensive.Central Point PC Tools and the, mace Utilities.66 2012 September source code hack edit On September 25, 2012, eight months after the first hack, an affiliate of the hacker group " Anonymous " published the source code for Norton Utilities.64 m gave Norton Utilities.7-star rating out of 10 and said, Norton Utilities has good help and support features and is above average in terms of ease of use.Runtime Software has, diskExplorer, but unfortunately, it is limited in a number of ways.To do this, go to, my Computer and find the disk you wish to check.Well, industry wisdom has it that software becomes standard either by providing superior capabilities or by solving problems that were previously unsolvable.It's a package that most every Windows user should seriously consider purchasing.Peter Norton himself has no connection to the brand or company."Symantec Announces New Versions Of Norton Utilities And Norton AntiVirus For Macintosh" (Press release).

This tool offers scans to detect and repair bad sectors, recover data, make backups and more, although you should be aware that as it is designed for floppy discs it is quite old (released in 2003) and therefore cannot be guaranteed to run reliably under.
Properties, then go to the, tools tab, where you will find, error-checking.
2003 edit For the next six years, Norton Utilities will cease to exist as standalone product, instead becoming part of Norton SystemWorks starting 2003.
Norton Utilities finds and fixes Microsoft Windows issues, including corrupt or outdated registry.A favorite with computer technicians and savvy home users alike, this utility was capable of resolving all but the most extreme cases of sector corruption, enabling users to recover much needed data before discarding with the magnetic media in question.The unerase utility was what launched NU on its path to success.Download both of these tools at: security.13 Windows utilities include Norton Disk Doctor, Speed Disk, System Watch, rockstar games social club gta 4 windows 8 File Compare, INI Tracker, INI Tuner, INI editor, INI Advisor Norton Utilities for Windows 95 and later edit See also: Norton SystemWorks.0 for Windows 95 edit The original Windows 95 version was released.12 Release.0 had revised user interfaces for the utilities that feature a menu-driven user interface.