office 2000 windows 8 kompatibel

Microsoft says "For the best experience, use the latest version of any operating system." Author: m Compatibility Chart for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Versions Windows 7 Support ends 14-Jan-20upport ended NOT compatible.
See System Requirements for Office.
This is especially true if you don't have any installation disks because you either purchased Office pre-installed on your computer, or your computer came with.
Aber da habe ich ja bereits zu Windows 7 eine Lösung skizziert.
Einfach das Setup aufrufen und die benutzerdefinierte Installation wählen.The current version of Office can still be purchased for a one-time fee, for one computer, on Microsoft's website and Amazon Digital Services.Microsoft, like other software companies, now offers Office via a software "subscription", where one pays a monthly fee for the installation and continued use of the Office products.Return to the top topical menu pages Copyright 2008, Keynote Support.Also beherzt auf die Schaltfläche, ignorieren geklickt und abgewartet, was geht.See, system Requirements for Office.

See System Requirements for Office Office 365 Compatible.
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See System Requirements for Office 2013 and System Requirements for Office Office 2016 Support ends 14-Oct-2025 Compatible.Clicking Ignore will let the install continue.Unfortunately, Microsoft took down their online tool in late 2015, as explained in this Microsoft.Make sure the version you want to buy will run anno 2070 cd key on your computer's operating system and attempt the install as soon as possible so the product can be returned if unusable.Important Notes About Our Compatibility Charts.All badges, forum help, latest Reports, toms guide in the world.None of the Office programs work?