office 365 mailbox size

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Open a PowerShell window as an administrator and run this: nero 6 ultra edition for windows xp Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted, enter Y at the prompt and hit enter. .
If successful, the recipients you specified in the script will each receive an email with an attached CSV file that conveniently includes the date the report was generated windows update stuck oning updates windows 8 in the file name.A window will pop up with an smtp setting area. .Yikes, that is a lot.If it doesn't show up you may need to click refresh in the right pane. .

Import the session, import-PSSession Session, sMTP Address Export, get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited Select-Object DisplayName, PrimarySmtpAddress Export-CSV c:v the info in a csv file.
Change after -From in line 10 to Office 365 administrator you selected in earlier steps.
The next step is critical, and only needs to be done once per machine that you are setting this script. .
Get-Mailbox Get-MailboxStatistics ft get the mailbox size using, get-mailbox Get-Mailboxstatistics select displayname, TotalItemSize.
We want to do this in a secure way since storing passwords in clear text is a bad idea, especially on a server others may have access. .She also created video training CDs and online training classes for Microsoft Outlook. Replace Attachment, insert code.Change the script so that the m value is changed to whatever your recorded in the previous step.MC89026, published On : December 16, 2016.These are your AD credentials that will be used to run the task on this machine, not necessarily your Office 365 credentials (although they could be the same if you are using AD FS and Dirsync). .LiveCred Get-Credential, windows PowerShell Credential Request window that opens type the credentials of an account in your cloud-based organization When you are finished click.Tenants will be able to increase"s up to 100GB.Txt it will look something like this: Now we are ready to create the script that will generate our report. .