olympus om 30 camera manual

Also note, 75 of the images in this review, just like my E-P3 review, have been shot as jpegs.
The Voigtlander.95 up close from RAW The new 16MP sensor Its good Have no fear!
If you want something easy to shoot that can grow with you over time, the E-M5 is a great choice.
If you dislike this look, you will NOT like these lenses.
Since Leica's flagship rangefinder cameras are known as the.Even so, this camera rocks.BUT if you want a small little well made powerhouse that does almost no wrong, the E-M5 is one of my TOP picks right now in the smaller camera/larger sensor market.This is a 24mm equivalent.The files stay sharp and what you see below are all samples from ISO 3200-12,800 processed from RAW with ALL noise reduction turned OFF!

What I mean by that is that if I spend 2500 or more on a digital camera setup and it gives me hassles, issues, missed shots or cant do what I need it to do then to me, it is worthless.
Well here we are in May of 2012 and Olympus has now released a new line of Micro disk clone tool windows 7 4/3 cameras, fittingly called the OM-D, which is actually a homage to the little OM of the film world.
Since I generally have to stop the 70-200 down to get enough DOF for most shots anyway, the 75mm and 45mm Olympus lenses proved to be more than adequate in terms of throwing the background out of focus and delivering pleasing bokeh.
They are solid, and click into place nicely.Voigtlander Super Fast Nokton Lenses for Micro 4/3.I purchased the E-M1 Mark II and some lenses and did some practical testing head to head to see if this MFT camera could possibly replace my full-frame dslr.More samples Below you can find more snaps I shot while I was reviewing the camera.Even my little thumb seemed to big for.