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Bxc6 white wins easily.
Another possibility, 15Bh5!?, looked risky to me (in fact, it is risky to put the bishop offside after.
On the local level, a partial ring road surrounds the city from the north and east, and Road 406 (Reger Blvd.) goes through the city center from north to south.As black, I might have given up here.By: Fllg, chess Tournaments, discussion of recent chess tournaments and events.Re3 g6 and black can keep playing although objectively of course it is still level.A Science Park funded by the rashi-sacta Foundation, Beersheba Municipality and private donors was completed in tom and jerry full episode 2008.So, I decided to base this update entirely on my own games.But of course then 31Qe1.31Qxd2.Rxd2 Be5 2 Kg8.Rd3 Kf8.f4 Bd6.Kf3 g6?1/2-1/2 A very interesting Smith-Morra theory game. ."Sister Relationships: Sister Cities, States, Counties Ports".27 Bb2.a4 Qe7!7 Turkish railway station During World War I, the Turks built a military railroad from the Hejaz line to Beersheba, inaugurating the station on October 30, 1915.

Located in the Southern District of the country, the city is the district's administrative centre and is home to the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Soroka Medical Center, and the Israel Sinfonietta Beersheba.
13 Mishol Girit, a neighborhood built in the late 1950s, was the first attempt to create an alternative to the standard public housing projects in Israel.
Is also horrible for black.The knights get into an incredible tangle now, but the situation was mucho hopeless (do you like my Spanish?) of course.Pap, M - Mikhalevski, V, lev Gutman 70th Birthday Jubilee Tourney 2015.They built roads and a number of small buildings from local materials which are still standing today.We met again 24 years later in the 2015 World Rapid Championship.