oracle 11g expdp network_link example

Oracleproduct10 do not run impdb sysdba, only support.
However, haruki murakami kafka on the shore pdf different source schemas can map to code of honor 3 no cd crack the same target schema.
Example The following is an example of using the cluster parameter: expdp hr directorydpump_dir1 dumpfilehr_p clusterno parallel3 This example starts a schema-mode export (the default) of the hr schema.
If the skip_unusable_indexes parameter is not specified, then the setting of the Oracle Database configuration parameter, skip_unusable_indexes (whose default value is y will be used to determine how to handle unusable indexes.
Impdp fullyes p excludeschema HR Note that in this situation, an import mode of full is specified.If any part of a table resides in the specified set, then that table and all of its dependent objects are exported.(Privileged users can perform unrestricted schema remaps.) For example, scott can remap his blake's objects to scott, but scott cannot remap scott's objects to blake.expdp hr estimate_onlyyes nologfileyes schemashr exclude Default: There is no default Purpose Enables you to filter the metadata that is exported by specifying objects and object types to be excluded from the export operation.Tablename - the table whose column will be remapped.Restrictions The length of the list of tablespace names specified for the tablespaces parameter is limited to a maximum of 4 MB, unless ccleaner professional with key you are using the network_link parameter to a or earlier database or to a read-only database.Network imports do not support the use of evolved types.Alternatively, you can specify nologfileyes.To make use of the transportable parameter, the compatible initialization parameter must be set to at least.0.0.

Syntax and Description transform The transform_name specifies the name of the transform.
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impdp hr directorydpump_dir1 p tableshr.
Therefore, a directory object name is neither required nor appropriate.
Remap_schema Default: There is no default Purpose Loads all objects from the source schema into a target schema.(See "encryption_password" for an example of an import operation using the encryption_password parameter.) estimate Default: blocks Purpose Specifies the method that Export will use to estimate how much disk space each table in the export job will consume (in bytes).Nologfile Default: NO Purpose Specifies whether to suppress the default behavior of creating a log file.The data files must already exist on the target database system.The possible values correspond to a process order number in the master table.ADD_filedumpfile-name continue_client Return to logging mode.(Note that there is no dump file generated because this is a network import.) The network_link parameter is simply being used as part of the example.Note that Data Pump checks only the major version number (for example, 10g and 11g not specific release numbers (for example,.1,.2,.1,.2).The version of the metadata corresponds to the database compatibility level.