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Make use of this handy financial calculator to get on top of any complex financial calculation.
You can also set up payment schedules for recurring transactions so you know when big transactions are about to take place, and track your investments using the investment module.
It's completely cross platform, available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X, and Windows systems, so fair bet there's a version for you.
You could get around the two account stipulation by using one account with categories for multiple accounts with subcategories for income and expense budgeting, but if that sounds like a hassle, there are other good alternatives on this list.You offered up way more than we have room to feature here, but here are the five that stood out above the rest.We've highlighted Mint in the past as well, noting it can make your tax season easier, and make budgeting realistic and easy to stick.Personal Finance enter all exchanges identified with income, expenses, non-life insurance payments, borrowed loans and so forth.InvestPlus, investPlus is a cloud based personal finance management software by ideas infotech.The app scans your SMSes for messages involving financial transactions.It is an installation based software which cost starts from 123 pdf to image Rs 2500.

It is designed to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your personal information during storage and transmission of your information.
However, choosing the right personal finance software can be a difficult and confusing task.
Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below some of the most popular Personal Finance software from India (in no particular order MProfit.
There is a bill tracker and Bill management section which sends you timely reminders for paying your bills.
You can read more in the nominations thread here.Perfios provides a 360 degree view of your personal finance by consolidating all account types like bank, credit cards, equity, loan, insurance, bonds, real estate, gold etc.For those folks who would rather have an open source (strictly, GPL licensed and freely distributed free alternative to tracking your finances that doesn't necessarily require a connection to your banks or an external service to work, there's GnuCash.MyUniverse is a smarter, easier and quicker way to make your financial universe at one place.It is the easiest and simpler copy protect 1.5.0 keygen way to e-file your income tax returns.