personal project process journal template

References: MYP: From principles into practice, 2014 Projects subject guide, 2014 Further guidance for MYP projects, 2015.
(Disclaimer: this is not an example of an excellent personal project, but rather a simple guide for you to follow as you complete your own personal project.).
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Ensure you have 1 3 primary sources and 4 8 secondary sources.
Your process journal is where you document your progress throughout your Personal Project it is extremely important that you back this up as you travel along your personal project journey.Theory of Knowledge, registering for ibis exams via ManageBac.As you progress through the creation of your project, ensure you document your progress and how you are keeping to your plan.As you create your product/outcome you need to continuously reflect on and document your developing ability to: Organisational skills: Meet deadlines Stick to your goal Maintain your process journal with regular updates Select and use technology effectively and productively Affective skills: Mindfulness practise strategies.Can you check the accuracy of information through links, footnotes and bibliography?Adding Managing Users, adding Managing Classes, extended Essay.For example, prior-learning could be a night class, sports clinic, previous training or experience, etc.This is a formal piece of writing that provides a report on the completion of your personal project. I identify the strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements of the product/outcome. I check that I have included evidence of my product to be submitted with my report. I summarize the impact the project could have on my future learning. I discuss the research skills I developed alien shooter 2 full game through the project.

Criteria B: Planning Develop criteria for the product/outcome In my report: I refer to the criteria I designed to evaluate the project product/outcome.
I explain how I may have shared my communication and social skills to help peers who needed more practice.
The process journal is: The process journal isnt: used throughout the project to document its development an evolving record of intents, processes, accomplishments a place to record initial thoughts and developments, brainstorming, possible lines of inquiry and further questions raised a place for recording interactions. I base my reflection on evidence, including my process journal.Using your personal project report graphic organiser you need to respond to each heading using the information you have gathered in your process journal.Reflect on their development as IB learners through the project In my report: I identify how I have developed as a learner (using the IB learner profile as appropriate). I explain how I may have shared my research skills to help peers who needed more practice. I discuss the self-management skills I developed through the project.You now need to provide a justification of why you have given yourself the grade against the specification.