php date() function format specifiers

Date_format work with this function also.
See Section 12.8, What Calendar Is Used By MySQL?, for details.
STR_TO_date function, mySQL STR_TO_date returns a datetime value by taking a string and a specific format string as arguments.See the description for sysdate for additional information about the differences between the two functions.Mysql select date_format 22:23:00 - 'Sunday October 2009' mysql select date_format 22:23:00 'H:i:s - '22:23:00' mysql select date_format 22:23:00 - 'D y a d m b j - '4th 00 Thu 04 10 Oct 277' mysql select date_format 22:23:00 - 'H k I.Otherwise, the result is a datetime value.Mysql select period_ADD(200801,2 - 200803 period_diff( P1, P2 ) Returns the number of months between periods P1 system mechanic trial activation key and.Run example ยป Example 3 A demonstration of all possible format values: num ; num ; char 50; / The ascii Character 50 is 2 / Note: The format value " returns a percent sign echo sprintf b b num1)." br / Binary number echo.Clients can set their time zone as described in Section 10.6, MySQL Server Time Zone Support.These index values correspond to the odbc standard.Mysql select addtime 23:59:59.999999 '1 1:1:1.000002 - ' 01:01:01.000001' mysql select addtime 01:00:00.999999 '02:00:00.999998 - '03:00:01.999997'.Mysql select ' 23:59:59' interval 1 swords and sandals 2 full hacked second; - ' 00:00:00' mysql select interval 1 DAY - ' mysql select ' - interval 1 second; - ' 23:59:59' mysql select date_ADD 23:59:59 - interval 1 second - ' 00:00:00' mysql select date_ADD 23:59:59 - interval.MySQL STR_TO_date function to convert a string into a date time value.Weekofyear is a compatibility function that is equivalent to week( date,3).

The result returned by timediff is limited to the range allowed for time values.
tbody /table /div /div /div /body /html View the example in browser Example : STR_TO_date function using h:i:s The following statement will return a valid time from the given string 11:59:59 according to the format h:i:s.
Mysql select SEC_TO_time(2378 - '00:39:38' mysql select SEC_TO_time(2378) 0; - 3938 STR_TO_date( str, format ) This is the inverse of the date_format function.
In such cases, it is interpreted as the number of days to be subtracted from the date or datetime expression expr.
If the value falls out of the supported range of the timestamp type when converted from from_tz to UTC, no conversion occurs.ExecuteQuery(Data table border"1" tr width"10" bgcolor 9979" td Valid date /td /tr while (xt TR /TR /table ose ose ose catch (Exception ex) intln Cant connect to database.This function is unsafe for statement-based system mechanic crack replication.The other hour format specifiers produce the hour value modulo.Mysql select UTC_timestamp UTC_timestamp 0; - ' 18:08:04.000000 week( date, mode ) This function returns the week number for date.If the date or time or datetime value specified as a string is illegal, the function returns null.