php explode empty string

This makes it impossible to seth godin linchpin pdf use the function in any sort of induction base case, solving inequalities with fractions calculator and instead forces you to rely on checking for that situation manually and falling back on either php str_split or converting your delimiters into regular expressions and using php preg_split.
This includes 0, (empty strings null, false, etc.
The array_filter function can take a 2nd parameter for a callback function.
But its returning 1 if docDet'doc_cons_filename' has empty value.
Code Snippets and More, if you've used the explode function in PHP probably you've noticed unexpected empty results string l'isola dell'ingiustizia alcatraz ita explode / array(0 this could be fixed by using the function preg_split string preg_split string, null, preg_split_NO_empty) / array.Fork Me 2014 Copyright by, keyvan Akbary.Stack Overflow x Dismiss explode on empty string returns array count.Is it possible to return count as 0 if we perform where docDet'doc_cons_filename' ".CsvString 1,2,3,5,6,8 string implode array_filter(explode csvString echo "String: string Result: String: 1,2,3,5,6,8 again, note that any array item that returns false will be removed.

See substr_count lang-php, stack Overflow, stack Overflow, business.
This function removes all the array elements whose values evaluate to boolean false: array_filter(explode string Returns: array( ).
This is different from just doing stri, because an array lets you easily replace one character with several without confusing iteration.
if(i substr_count(str arr explode str, i1 echo count(arr up vote 5 down vote, the solution would be to count explicitly how many times separator is found within your string.
Php up vote -2 down vote accepted arr array str "yes you are!Just have your callback return false for values you want to have removed).Suppose, for example, you have a dynamically constructed string of id numbers from a database or something and you want to iterate over them and do something.Rather than provide some common behavior for that case, or even any behavior at all, the language designers chose to make it an error condition.Quick PHP tip : It is common to want to explode a string based on some delimiting character, then iterate over the array.