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Policy ON missing experiments, in the Physics 6 series, each experiment is worth two points (out of 15 maximum points).
This option may be used only once per quarter.
Means of communicating your results and conclusions.
As before: Lab grade (12.0 points) (2.0 points each for any missing labs) (up.0 points earned in mills of additional credit) (up.0 point earned in TA mills).It is essential that you follow the general rules about taking care of equipment and reading the lab manual before coming to class.Txt and units-174.tar, mathematica Tutorial ( pdf ten Minute Tutorial, rocket Lab ( pdf and files for lab.Note to TAs: You should have taught a Physics 6A lab section before teaching a 6C lab.If you miss any three sessions, you get an Incomplete.).College Board Store opens in a new window showing the AP Biology lab manual.Important: This manual assumes that you have already taken the Physics 6A and 6B labs, and that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel.Please refer to those lab manuals for general information.

You may make up no more than one experiment per quarter by attending another section during the same week and receiving permission from the TA of the substitute section.
Overview, film inuyasha the final act episode 1 subtitle indonesia this lab series is very similar to the Physics 6A and 6B series.
The black-and-white version is better for printing; the colored version better for on-screen use.
You must preview the video before arriving in the laboratory for the first session with that experiment.(At your option) If you miss a lab but subsequently obtain the data from a partner who performed the experiment, and if you complete your own analysis with that data, then you will receive one of the two points.It consists of two parts: a measurement of absolute zero using the Ideal Gas Law, and an experiment with a heat engine.Harvey Mudd College Physics Department 241 Platt Blvd., Claremont,.edu webMaster (at).edu, last modified: 03 September 2012.AP Courses, taking the Exam, aP Calendar, preparing for the Exam.If the TA agrees to let you complete the experiment in that section, have him or her sign off your lab work at the end of the section and record your score.(Note that certain experiments occupy two sessions.Suggestions for additional investigative activities, copies of this book may be ordered online through the.