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It is hoped that this book will also be highly valuable to tertiary students in a variety of biology-related disciplines, as well as lecturers and post-graduate basic electrical and electronics engineering book pdf students in appropriate disciplines.
Ismail, and Pamela Ronald.1 Introduction.2 I solation of the rice Sub1 locus.3 Sub1 rice in farmers fields.4 The Sub1 effect.5 The Sub1-mediated gene network.6 Conclusion 11 2 Drought tolerance mechanisms and their molecular basis.
Anath Bandhu Das, Reto.Book 2013, editors: isbn: (Print) (Online get Access.Contributors xi, preface xv 1 Flood tolerance mediated by the rice Sub1A transcription factor.Nagaraj Kumar.1 Introduction.1.1 The water potential concept.1.2 Escape, avoidance, and tolerance strategies of drought response.1.3 What is drought tolerance?

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Kenong Xu, Abdelbagi.
Fomina, chapter, pages 53-86, salinity-Induced Genes and Molecular Basis of Salt-Tolerant Strategies in Mangroves.
Allah Ditta, chapter, pages 155-177, salt Stress: A Biochemical and Physiological Adaptation of Some Indian Halophytes of Sundarbans.Susana Redondo-Gómez, chapter, pages 21-51, molecular Mechanisms of Stress Resistance of Photosynthetic Machinery.Verslues, Govinal Badiger Bhaskara, Ravi Kesari, and.It provides a comprehensive reference test for a broad range of researchers, from ecologists to plant physiologists to agronomists and plant breeders.Life Sciences, plant Sciences, this book covers both abiotic and biotic stresses in plants supported by updated literature reviews and experimental data.Download PDF (108KB chapter, pages 1-20, abiotic and Biotic Stress Tolerance in Plants.Isbn, digitally watermarked, DRM-free, included format: PDF, epub ebooks can be used on all reading devices.Strasser, chapter, pages 87-131, pSII Fluorescence Techniques for Measurement of Drought and High Temperature Stress Signal in Crop Plants: Protocols and Applications.Nirjhar Dasgupta, Paramita Nandy, Sauren Das, chapter, pages 179-192, molecular Physiology of Osmotic Stress in Plants Hrishikesh Upadhyaya, Lingaraj Sahoo, Sanjib Kumar Panda Chapter Pages 193-216 The Physiology of Reproductive-Stage Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Cereals Rudy Dolferus, Nicola Powell, Xuemei JI, Rudabe Ravash, Jane Edlington.