playstation 4 system update won't

Whether youre in the beta programme or not, we wanted to give a first look at the features included in this update.
Virtual surround sound on.
This system software update improves system performance.
There arent too many issues to address on the PlayStation 4 at the moment, and until they arise, Sony will probably just continue to make small tweaks windows 7 cribbage games to keep things flowing smoothly.Quick Menu updates, if you want to keep an eye out on whats happening in your Notifications tab like game download progress or new invitations you can now access this directly from the Quick Menu without leaving your game.You can check out a full accounting of the changes in the image below.However, on the technical side of things, it could mean anything, from balancing out fan use to making sure things are up and running online.Families on PlayStation Network, the existing master/sub-account system is being redesigned to be more family friendly.

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Each family on PSN will now have a Family Manager.
If you turn this setting off, the pop-up notification will hide the message senders online ID and will display a generic user icon and message instead.
The previous PS4 firmware, version.55, was released seven weeks ago and also featured a vague description: improves the quality of the system performance.
Lastly, youll have the option to change the colour of your pop-up notifications to either white (default) or black.
The last one, numbered.70, only provided some little improvements here and there, but nothing major, like the support of external hard drives, which came earlier this year.Individual parental controls, before this update, the same parental controls were applied to all users on the same console, including adults.When a broadcast is linked to a community, the community button appears on the Live from PlayStation spectator screen, allowing any spectator to jump directly into your community page to check out the details or join.This isnt the first time that Sony has provided a small update to the PlayStation.Communities, if youve set up a community on your PS4, you can now link your community to your live gameplay broadcast.Friend list management, in place of the current Favourite Groups tab, were adding a new Custom Lists tab on the Friends screen.Sonys most recent major update to the PS4 came in early March, when the version.50 firmware added features like Boost Mode for the PS4 Pro and support for external USB hard drives).