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ALL trainers in Hoenn, ALL, magma/Aqua Grunts, Admins Leaders and your Rivals team is much more complex, that's right, no more having to put up rpg metanoia game pc with Mamga Aqua grunts using the same Pokémon over over!
On the way to become the Pokemon Master like you have always wanted to be, you will have to battle with strong opponents go through the forests and caves climb up the mountains and swim on the seas.
Gym Leaders all have teams of six with.The evolution methods are changed also.This means every trainer Gym Leader registared into the Pokénav, when you rebattle them, their teams will.Eevee Espeon (Item: Sun Stone).Evolutionary Changes: jogos iso para pcsx2 Haunter Gengar (Level 41 togepi Togetic (Level 35).Slowpoke Slowking (Item: Moon Stone).Elite Four Team tweaked, every member has 6 Pokémon plus higher levels.Role Playing, mods, l,T,GP, Other, patch Version.0, hack Release Date, readme.2, need help with my savestate file.Is there anything to do after the Pokemon league in emerald theta ex?Trainers difficulty and level increased, including.

The majorty of trainers have been edited.
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Machoke Machamp (Level 48 eevee Umbreon (Item: Moon Stone).
Rowan in Petalburg City!Ips is the new patch file, old one left for reference (undownloadable).Emerald: Hard Edition, current Release: Beta.03, introduction: Welcome to Pokémon Emerald: Hard Edition, this is what I call a 'enhancement' of Pokémon Emerald, which is basically Pokémon Emerald, same storyline, same trainers, same gym leaders ect.We are really appreciate your support.All Gym Leaders have, sIX, pokémon!The Hoenn Region is now wider, bigger because you have grown.Seadra Kingdra (Item: Water Stone).Yet to add Winona.More features to come!Sponsored Links, once again, you will enjoy the adventure of our protagonists one boy, one girl.