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Roadblock (and his Suspiciously Similar Substitute, Heavy Duty) from.I.
Cosmic Break has several big guns that fit in this category.
Listen, while I'm working on the codes with Megabyte, well, you'll watch my back won't'cha?One of the protagonists recognises it for game psx resident evil 2 what it is, and they actually use it in the appropriate way, blasting a mook with birdshot.A Czech expat fighting for the French scavenges rockbox utility no mountpoint given an anti-tank rifle and spends the rest of the book wrecking light armor and blowing people in half.The Harbinger/Supernova from Ratchet: Deadlocked.It can kill five to ten lined-up enemies in one shot, it can take down a helicopter in two, and kill Gekko in one, so long as you aim for the neck.Ambushing an Enclave patrol with a sniper rifle can net you a few dozen shots with the Tesla Cannon.The LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle is a prototype laser rifle that can be used to penetrate multiple solid surfaces to attack an enemy, but has, of course, not been perfected for lighter frames.Numerous areas in Dot Hack GU show an absolutely massive cannon in the background, which the Game Within A Game's backstory says killed the gods introduction to autocad 2012 pdf of The World.I'm going to show you how to kill a god.However, that declaration was made before Christ, and humanity has much bigger weapons.

In Bastion, the Calmity Cannon is so powerful that it literally wipes things from existence The Main/Cool Old Guy Rucks even calls you out for it when selecting it with the mortar.
The aptly-named Bad News from Critical Role.
The Halo 4 version of the Incineration Cannon, a huge Promethean rocket launcher, fires five flaming balls of fire at once, which turn into a fountain of explosions and death on impact; not only does its damage rival the Spartan Laser's (a direct hit will.Though this is less due to its firepower, and more because it's hotter than Chernobyl.The Eridian Cannon in Borderlands qualifies, firing a huge energy blast.The pivoting Cannon in AC/DC, used to shoot at various playfield targets.To top it off, Colonel Volgin wields a Davy Crockett recoilless launcher in the third game, even though he only uses it once in a cutscene.