propaganda poster maker ww1

The eagle is nicely sewed on a green underground.
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World War I infantryman exposed to very effective British and ineffectual German propaganda.
German KM Single schoulderboard In a nice used condition a German Kriegsmarine single schoulderboard.German WH/LW/SS large M31 Canteen In a very nice condition a German WH/LW/SS M31 canteen with bakelite cup.5-HTP exhibits its wholesome effects on appetite, mood and overall wellbeing.The catch is made of steel in the green color.Machine just listen mark goulston pdf GUN corps middle eastern made wrist ID TAG A super Middle Eastern made wrist ID tag.German WH Tentpoles and Peg's in Pouch In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht tentpoles pouch.

FBI opted to speed up delivery of gas and began launching first of 400 gas grenades into the building.
The poster is about 40x30cm and is in the original black/wit color.
The sign is 90x60cm and is an announcement from that because of two train attacks 100 people marbit super kulki 4.0 beta 2 of Kraków shall be shot.
The holster is nicely maker marked "US Enger Kress" and dated "1944".
With the beginning of World War II he as a Rittmeister became the Training Officer for Officers Candidates in the Calvary School in Potsdam-Krampnitz.The helmet comes in size 7 1/2 and is complete with an original attached camo helmnet.US M-1910 Pick-Mattock and carrying case in a mint condition.S.Chevrons An extremely rare one piece manufactured first pattern RAF overseas service chevron grouping.German WH/LW/SS Boots In used condition a non-matching pair of German WH/LW/SS Enlisted men boots.German Propaganda newspaper In a nice condition the German propaganda Newspaper "Victorie" (Victory) The Newspaper is in the Dutch language and were issed by the German's as a propaganda newspaper of why the germans should win the war.