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File sizes can be reduced to impressive amounts for the visual quality of the file.
This may be Cineform, DNxHD t you will quickly find what works (regarding file size limits for upload).
Mac users game of thrones s02e01 mkv 480p can choose ProRes as a preview codec if the Mac has a Pro App installed that has the write version of the codec.I checked the Telestream "Switch" product mentioned above, and after reading through a number of screens, found this comment about ProRes exporting: ".Cineform is now owned by GoPro (make of that what you will).The question you seem to be asking, is "Which editing codec should I transcode to for an online edit?".If you don't already have pinnacle studio plus 11 full version those, "Miraizon sales have ended" as it says on their site, and the ProRes licensed for new buyers is not available.(the conversation continues about experiences with compatibility with 'generic' Windows ProRes variants like Cinemartin, Media Reactor, Miraizon, etc.).

Then you can enter the frame rate and pixel dimensions in the appropriate fields.
Think you may be confusing Cineform with Cineon format?
On Windows, 1080p ProRes will typically spawn an arri Cinema sequence as it's the first compatible preset in the list alphabetically, with ProRes 720p or 1080i frame sizes/rates you would end up with an AVC-Intra sequence.It is fair to say it is one of the closest formats to Prores on a it is so easy to select different quality settings (that are very similar to the prores presets) and without the ball ache of installing additional codecs if you ever needed the deliverable.The codec attached to the preset doesn't govern what footage you can use on the sequence.Now many professional users transcode video to Apple ProRes 422 codec MOV format and then import to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, this article will tell you how to convert MXF, avchd, MTS, M2TS and other HD videos to Apple ProRes 422 codec for Adobe.By admin, apple ProRes 422 Codec for Adobe Premiere Pro.For instance, the xdcam-HD422 sequence preset has that format as the preview render codec vs a RED R3D preset, which can't have the R3D format as a preview render as the computer can't write that format.That said, many presets in the CC versions of Premiere Pro have configured the preview render format for certain sequences to render in the sequence' preset stated format, which makes the format's namesake preset inherently most compatible for smart rendering, etc.It's definitely possible to use ProRes in Premiere, and coming from dslr (as of July 2011) 422 is probably (technically) overkill, but it is a reasonable default choice.Before you load ProRes 422 videos to Adobe Premiere Pro, youd better know the frame rate and pixel dimensions of the clips, you can use this to make an input preset that will open the file properly.