quad esl 57 manual

Quad ESL-57 Brochure (3 quad ESL-57 Schematic, quad ESL-57 Owners Manual.
Background Noise, one cause of background noise in the electrostatic loudspeaker is internal discharge of the EHT supply at times of high humidity, or high voltage, or both.
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The latter is the right-hand end tag and next to it is a blank tag marked 590V to which should be transferred the lead normally connected to the 610V tag.
Earlier speakers may be modified as described below, when they are to be used with the Quad 303 or other suitable amplifiers of comparable output.The above figure shows the tag board layout from serial number 16800 onwards.Before the EHT unit is touched the mains should be completely disconnected and the loudspeaker left to stand for two hours to ensure it is completely discharged.Great care should be taken if it is found necessary to renew any soldered joints on the plates.An EHT Supply Unit.

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Tilt the loudspeaker to permit access to the underside of the baseboard.
It may be found helpful when working single handed, having inserted the top back edge of the sheet into the slot in the cabinet, to hold the bottom edge of the grille under slight tension to the bottom of the wooden frame by means.
When carrying out this process for the first time, progressively reduce the distance and speed until the desired results are obtained.
(Note: a fault in this unit is very unlikely).Brochures often advertise certain specifications, the release date and the original price.This completes the recovering and the unit can now be reassembled into position in the speaker.No Output at All.Fitting New Dust Covers Note: The plates and dust cover material acquire a static charge and if placed in a dusty atmosphere or near any accumulation of dust it will adhere to them, with deleterious effects.Dismantling THE speaker, the loudspeaker should be switched off for about two hours before the grilles are removed, so as to ensure the EHT unit has completely discharged.