rename database sql server 2012

Tasks Take Offline, go to the location that MDF and LDF files are located and rename san andreas mods car them exactly as you specified in first two alter commands.
Connect to the server wherein the DB you want to rename is located.
It is good to know that what happens behind the scenes is different from what you may be expecting.Nothing much to do to resolve the issue.First set the database to single user mode and then try to rename the database and then set it back to Multi user mode.Dbo.sp_detach_db @dbname N'MyDatabase' Step 2: Rename Physical files: Once the database is detached, SQL Server releases the locks on physical files, now you can rename the physical files using Windows Explorer, or command prompt: Step 3: Attaching database with New Name: Once, the physical files.

Database_files : select name, physical_name from .database_files Result Set: name physical_name SqlAndMe C: MyDatabase.mdf SqlAndMe_log C: MyDatabase _log.
You rename it to, myDB_OLD.
From the Standard bar, click.
Enter the new database name, and then click.In order to do that, you need to follow these steps: Open, microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.Another method using SQL Statements, you might have seen, the database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation.Ldf' with full path of new DB log file to be used.Alter database MyDB modify file (name ' MyDB filename 'C:f - Replace 'C:.NewMyDB_log.We will go through step by step.Note, back up the master database after you rename any database.