rev 10 installer with usb loader

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Changements: -Utilisation d'une nouvelle application pour booter les homebrews ( se référer au ChangeLog de WiiXplorer ).
Updated French language file r1243 * Updated Libfat.0.13 * Fixed compiling with DevkitPPC r27 (1 warning left) * Added throw exception to some buffers * Fixed devo config name r1242 branches: Updating LibFAT.0.13 r1241 Changed partition detection for dios mios.
Nintendont: * Added Nintendont.304 new version detection.
Énormément de correction de bugs.The programs are only for playing backups of games you already own.#.devo: Added Direct Mapping Buttons setting (Devo r200) * devo: Added support for Language setting * Language files updated: Chinese, French r1215 * Added QuadForce version detection up.1 * Added QuadForce USB Support * Optimized DM/DML/QF detection code r1214 * Added QuadForce.The ehcimodule is now reverted to the last working one.Added detection of enabled cheat codes from an already created.gct file.Corrections: -Bug format meta.Click on the wbfs Manager.5 icon on your desktop.Hide DM config v2 settings when using config v1 r1198 * Added new dios mios.2 update2 NoDisc setting.

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Wiimote 1 not pointing to screen - gcpad/classic controller 1 can control pointer 1).
Added Nintendont missing settings (MaxPads, LED, Log and OSReport).
Updated file system libraries.
Kills and re-inits network completely.
Now that i am done with merging here is the MOD17 source.Good for initialization failures.R1217 * Changed how video mode is chosen by the loader PAL now really uses PAL Force Interlace now really use interlace Use Force480p if you want to force progressive Use Disc/console default for auto-detection This is experimental, please report your settings and tested game.R1195 * Fixed launching GameCube games from disc with official mios * Added Forced Language settings for GameCube games when using DM(L) * Fixed GameCube games video mode error with DML by removing forced progressive mode when using component cable.Révision 935 - Ajout d'un patch automatique pour Prince Of Persia.This allows the included USB Loader GX to create/run backup games on/from your USB drive.Added dios mios.2 support by adding a version selector in global Loader Settings.Révision 934 - Changement de l'outil de mise à jour bêta.Open the HomeBrew Channel and run the cIOS249 rev17 Installer.