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Ill concentrate on iPod management rather than a full review of all their features.
EphPod is closed source, and while it seems to work well for anything under a 4G, it hasnt been updated in years.
Dozens of applications in the form of modules have been written to add functionality and value, including utilities like text keypads and screen locks, and games like chess and tetris.Ipodpatcher only ipods 1 unique destinator 7 turkey maps for ipods.If line contains spaces, only part before first space is displayed by tool.I'd like to do that just once, lossless, so that years from now, when I decide to jump from Vorbis to 'komprezzor_2039_1337' or whatever, I don't need to drag out the old plastic discs.

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Overall, Amarok is a strong tool, and definitely worth considering if youre looking for both iPod and Library management.
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Items in Red are duplicates.Best of all, Rockbox has an excellent implementation of gapless playback built in by default.The duplicate was there, and my album really had gone missing.Using the Music Player Daemon (MPD it supports MP3, flac, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC files.It plays back many formats, including mpeg audio, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, AC3, flac, WavPack, Shorten, Apple Lossless, and WAV.There are three applications for managing the contents your iPod that rise to the top: gtkpod, Banshee, and Amarok.Juice (formerly iPodder) is the most common cross-platform podcast aggregator, and also considered the first.Txt (if it exists) can't distinguish between X5 / X5V.The reason I ask is this: I've got a 20,000-track re-ripping job ahead.