running man episode 222

The first extraterrestrial is a conehead (Kwang-soo whos taken aback by the neighborhood dog and asks it: Are you a human?
Something feels off, but none of them can put their thumbs.
Theyve all got their eyes on the grasshopper alien, and Jong-kook chuckles that watching this show is fun.With just over a minute left on the clock, nearly everyone apart from Suk-jin is back and working at the puzzle.If youve ever imagined what a grasshopper alien would look like, Jae-suk shows us that insect aliens do exist.No one know what each others identities are, genius funny face maker game but Ji-hyo knows that any team thats got Jong-kook on their side has the advantage.It doesnt work, and Haha has no idea what Kwang-soo is actually yelling about.All they have to do is eat a total of 100 chips.Anti spam code, please enter the character as shown in the image above.And you know that means hes going to be devious and try to rile up our cast.Alphabet case doesn't matter.Suk-jins feeling pretty confident at the start and then totally misses the first volley because of his enlarged nose.Then its time for Round 2 and Haha makes it back first with his puzzle pieces.

Ji-hyo says they have to crack their clues and Jong-kook says its a standard slotted screw, which might mean theres only one Venusian.
Hes okay with the idea of Kwang-soo being eliminated, even if the latter is a Venusian.
Gary: If only wed gotten along together sooner.
Jae-suk: But I ate 19!
At this rate, Jong-kook wont have to even lift a finger, and Kwang-soo tries to his best to persuade him: If two Martians are already eliminated, wouldnt that increase the chances that theyre on the same side?Broadcast on November 23, 2014.With one Martian down and one possible Venusian, everyone is left perplexed.None of them can really let their surprise show, lest there be a Venusian around them, though kudos to Haha for trying to gauge everyones reactions.Gary: What about me?!Then he realizes that hes never actually lifted a finger this whole time.Elf-like alien Jong-kook wonders if the Earthen inhabitants receive otherworldly guests often, judging from how a neighborhood ajusshi barely gives him a second glance.When Haha asks outright whether Jong-kooks a Venusian or not, Jong-kook honestly replies that yes,.