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Omega was created as an alternative to the series' direct sequel.
Saint Seiya Omega game announced posted.30.12 at 12:13 PM EDT.
Athena is still on Earth after reincarnating to continue her duty of protecting fill pdf form software peace against several antagonistic deities.The updated character designs and the its new elements not seen in the classic series made Holden note that Omega managed to attract a new generation of fans.Critical reception to the series has been mixed with critics often finding it derivative from other shows from the same genre.In the second season, several Saints including the main characters have their cloths upgraded, sporting a new design much more reminiscent of Kurumada's original designs, and are stored in special boxes like in the original continuity.

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(in Japanese) Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate Cosmo videogame - official website (in Japanese) "Saint Seiya Omega Crusade Card System Expansion set".
8 Toei Animation describes it as an "original anime story separate from the continuity of Kurumada's manga.
When it fills up you can do a Big Bang Attack like the Pegasus Meteor Fist.
Retrieved April 26, 2014.Retrieved February 12, 2014.A line of articulated figures by Bandai under the name guarts was also announced, with Pegasus Kga as the first character to be released.As a result, rather than refocusing on the returning cast, Toei created a new generation of Saint who would succeed the old cast.The release has been officially set for November 29, 2012.TV Asahi on April 1, 2012.Although a prototype of the second figure in the line, Orion Eden, was created and displayed, it was ultimately never released, with the entire line cancelled thereafter.(in Japanese) "Omega will be released on DVD and Blu-ray disc on August, 2012".