seagate backup plus 1tb portable hard drive nz

However about a month the drive was periodically failing to read/write anything.
Now looking for two replacements and a tech to remove my several years of information that is "in limbo".
I had to upgrade my computer and this stupid drive kept disconnecting.
Storage space 1TB: GB2000 hours of video, 250000 MP3s, 200000 photos, 1000 Divx movies.It was there and worked when I suddenly needed it I had never backed up my files with anything more than (floppies in the past) flashdrives but I really wasn't doing a very good job.Protect your digital life with one of Seagate's most popular and trusted portable drives.Note: You can manually move files to the Seagate without the Dashboard but Dashboard offers more options.I transferred my files onto it, or so I thought, but then the next day when I went to work I couldn't find any of my files on either my computer or the brand-new external hard drive.I'm going to be buying another one really soon!See All Member Benefits, email a Friend.If you need help making your reservation, call.As for the cord that is included with this unit it is standard across the industry and anyone that says something different is not a reliable source for tech info.The slim, metal design provides premium portability.I bought this drive and installed the weird program that comes with.

SO DID THE first onought.
Provide feedback loading Compatibility issues Look online before you purchase, Windows users having all kinds of problems with this drive.
I was adding photos and videos over the course of the next couple of weeks.IT also lego indiana jones games for pc came dented.Run speed 5400 rpm.Compatible with PC and Mac What's in the Box?Crap waste OF money!I gba game roms for pc couldn't be detected by three different computers with three different Windows OS, including Windows 7 and.