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After you plug in USB key, Rohos Logon will ask the user to enter the PIN in order to log in or unlock your Mac.
New: iPhone or Android phone with authentication over WiFi signal.
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Wireless Key for Mac authentication, using the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone is a convenient and secure means to lock your Mac: When you come near to your Mac, Rohos detects your phone using Bluetooth and unlocks the screen.Rohos uses on-board serial number of USB flash drive as a security token.Click the, erase button.However, you can use your Mac as usual while the disk is being encrypted.Its important that you dont forget this password!When you insert the memory stick, youll be prompted for the password.Oion lets you format a USB memory stick so that its contents are encrypted.Regular password based login may be prohibited with the option Allow to log in only by using USB Key.The user will need to enter it each time to log in to a Mac or unlock the screen with a USB key.From now on you can use the encrypted memory stick just like any other memory stick.

Finder - Applications - Utilities - Disk Utility ) and then insert the USB memory stick you intend to use.
To enable this key again, the user must change the PIN.
Erasing, partitioning, and encrypting will take a minute or two depending on the size of the memory stick.Choose Encrypt item name from the shortcut menu.Use your Apple Watch to authenticate and auto lock your mac.You could encrypt an entire portable USB, Firewire, or Thunderbolt hard disk in this way, making it so that the contents will only be accessible upon entry of a password.New: Use iPhone or Android phone to unlock your Mac in a secure and even more convenient way.