sere 100.1 level a code of conduct training answers

The 350-2 Theater Specific Required Training does not windows vista x64 iso count because it only covers a small portion of this total ctip briefing requirement.
Combating Trafficking in Persons.
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A leadership training, J3SN-US189: Combating Trafficking In Persons, is also available - If you encounter any difficulties trying to enroll, please contact the JKO Help Desk at or /DSN for assistance.
Once online training or ctip briefing slides are reviewed, all personnel will forward the Training Completion Certificate or approved roster to their respective Branch or Division POC who will track the completion of all assigned personnel and forward all certificates to the usfk. .Service members and DoD civilians need to provide the online training certificate to their unit training managers to get credit.Also, the Navys Certificate of Completion for the Trafficking in Persons Basic Awareness Training counts towards completion of this annual training requirement. .Training should be accomplished either on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO on their service component training systems or the alternative power point group presentation (sign-in rosters required). .All usfk HQ, Subordinate and Direct Reporting Units will complete mandatory ctip refresher training by - Suspense 1 November 2013.Contractors are not required to train their personnel on ctip; however, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart.17 (Reference(j) states that the presence of a ctip awareness program is a factor for the contracting officer to consider as a mitigating factor when determining remedies.Those that have already completed the ctip refresher training anytime in 2013, do not have to repeat training and can provide certificate of completion to unit training managers for validation. .

(Note: Training Completion Certificates online will be available for printing after the training is completed).
Training Completion Reporting Requirements.
2 web-Based Interactive Module 3 powerpoint.Monthly status report updates are required by first Friday of each month.General Awareness Training can be accessed the following ways: 1) Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) account https jkodirect.Directorate Leads will consolidate one directorate roster using attached form.The training is available as a web based interactive module and as a PowerPoint Presentation.For example, the Air Force course for Human Relations (ZZ133080) counts as completing this ctip training. .