sherlock season 3 episode 1

the House.
An interleaved scene shows a version of how Sherlock might have faked his death: by jumping from the roof with a bungee cable, bouncing back and entering the building through a window, leaving Moriarty's body with a Sherlock mask to mislead John and other onlookers.
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Doyle, Arthur Conan (1892).
" A Case of Identity "."Sherlock: filming the way Holmes faked his death for The Empty Hearse".This version of events is later shown to be a conspiracy theory invented by Philip Anderson, who feels responsible for Sherlock's death."7 Classic References to Watch for in Sherlock's "The Empty Hearse"."Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat answers your Sherlock questions Voices".In the final scene, a bespectacled man with blue eyes is seen observing footage of Sherlock and Mary rescuing John from the fire.

"Sherlock sparks Twitter fury as eagle-eyed viewers notice the lines on London Underground are wrong".
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The Empty Hearse " is the first episode of the third series of the.
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22 The resolution to how Holmes had faked his death was filmed in April 2013 at St Bart's Hospital The resolution to how Holmes had faked his death at the end of " The Reichenbach Fall " was filmed in April 2013 at St Bart's.The fact that Holmes impersonates a French waiter at the beginning of the episode may be a reference to his French heritage.In the episode, John encounters a man as his patient who owns a DVD shop at the same location; the man offers to sell him pornographic DVDs with titles almost identical to the books Watson was offered by the disguised Holmes in the short story.BBC One and, channel One 1 2 on It garnered a viewership.7 million people 3 and received positive reviews.In "The Adventure of the Empty House Watson first encounters Holmes disguised as a heavily accented and bearded book salesman with a shop on the corner of Church Street, who offers Watson some books.Doctor Who' missing episodes inspired 'Sherlock says Mark Gatiss"."Foxhounder Films: Sherlock Season 3: "The Empty Hearse" Review".14 At one point, Mary receives a text message on her mobile phone that starts with the phrase "John or James Watson a reference to " The Man With the Twisted Lip in which Mary calls her husband "James" rather than John (prompting the fan.