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As this latest bleaching event showed, coral reefs, which support roughly 25 percent of all marine species, are incredibly sensitive to even small changes in the temperature.
Seeing as those roommates provide coral with all of its food, this is bad news.
Noaa, this post has been updated to include comments from Mark Eakin.And as long as humans keep dumping billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, temperatures will keep rising.That said, reefs arent out of hot water yet.Were hoping a lot of reefs will get some time to recover before the next bleaching comes, Mark Eakin, Coral Reef Watch Coordinator at noaa, told Gizmodo.The oceans are catching a well-deserved breakbut were going to need to get our shit together fast if we actually want to save the reefs.

Australias Great Barrier Reef, as well as reefs in Florida, Hawaii, and across the South Pacific.
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Read more, that doesnt mean everythings suddenly fine.
Photo: Albert Plawinski/Flickr Creative Commons, a global coral bleaching event thats been killing reefs around the world since early 2015 finally appears to be ending, according to a report just released by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.Coral, a squishy animal wrapped in a crunchy exoskeleton that contains colorful algae called zooxanthellae, has a tendency to evict its photosynthetic roommates when the water gets just a few degrees too warm.But HBO is already dealing with a multi-week standoff with a team of extortionate hackers who have begun releasing episodes of shows like.Winners, order your decals.The post has since been removed.OurMine has a history of targeting everyone from corporate dvd cloner for mac review cnet CEOs.