snoopy vs the red baron pc game

Beagle OR baron-WHO will rule THE skies?
Play as WWI Flying Ace Snoopy in an adventure that includes cameo appearance from 12 characters such as Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Marcie and Sally * Barnstorm your way across six vividly rendered worlds and collect clues to reveal the whereabouts of the.
Windows XP, Vista, 2000 128MB batch rename photoshop cs5 Video Card, nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon video card recommended.
While snoozing atop his doghouse one day, Snoopy has a magical dream.
As players barnstorm across six massive, free-roaming play fields in search of clues for the location of the Red Baron's secret hideout, players can upgrade their aircraft with a collection of 25 unique, comical weapons and other unlockable gadgets, including the player-guided Woodstock missile.Join Snoopy and friends as you take on the nefarious Baron and his cohorts in this enchanting aerial adventure.Pentium.8 GHz (or higher) 512 MB RAM (or more) 16-bit DirectX sound card, keyboard, joystick DX compatible (Optional).Just like in the celebrated Peanuts comic strip, he becomes a virtuoso flying ace, piloting his World War I gta san andreas font bi-plane in a heroic attempt to foil the plans of his archenemy, the Red Baron.The Red Baron lets players climb into the cockpit to pilot Snoopy's famous Sopwith Camel and other unique aircraft in perilous dogfights, high-speed air races and heart-pounding missions deep behind enemy lines.Classic Peanuts characters including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Marcie and Sally will aid Snoopy on his mission, providing him with hints and tips to track down the despicable Red Baron.Features 50 single-player and co-op missions, action-packed dogfights and customizable planes across six unique environments.Vs, the, red, baron.Companies responsible for Snoopy vs The Red Baron.Barnstorm your way across six vividly rendered worlds and collect clues to reveal the whereabouts of the Red Baron 's top secret hideout.

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