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14 of people trust advertising, only 18 of TV advertising campaign ever achieve a positive return on investment.
These are measurable actions (through clicks or others) which ultimately result in a transaction with monetary value.
A new eBook written by Pete DiSantis and Michael Hartzell.
If you need more convincing or an example relevant to your particular type of brand and industry, there are 166 examples on the right.When deriving your costs for each social channel, remember to include the following: Manpower costs Outsourcing fees (eg for content pc game ea sports cricket 2007 production) Advertising fees (both production and media) In Patels example, we can see that the costs varies for each channel, with LinkedIn registering the highest.The average person has 245 Facebook Friends, 126 Twitter Followers and 47 LinkedIn connections (recognizing, of course, no one is an average person).#4 Measure Dollar Value per Social Channel Now that you have got the value per download, you need to total up the dollar value of all the downloads attained in a specific social media channel.Do you have case studies to support the ROI of marketing efforts you are doing?Maybe thats what differentiates Social Media Marketing?This can be done through either historical records (remember LTV?) or guesstimates.Over the last year and a half, weve published 12 case study blogs on Social Media ROI.

Key measures include, growth rate of fans and followers.
The more focused you are in answering this question, the better your outcomes would.
August 18th, 2016 1 comment, measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts can be such a pain.
Invest in targeted advertising on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks.
This is illustrated by Patels infographic below: Let me know too if youve got any thoughts on how you can better measure and manage your social media marketing ROIs.Often, they can be tracked by your analytics software (Google Analytics or others).The average brand has 54 Facebook Likes (same disclaimer for brands) 40 of people visit a brands Facebook page before their website.48 is the estimated annual value of someone who Likes a brands Facebook page.In the world of advertising, impressions measure the number of times an advertisement is displayed.Id love to read your experiences!Customer Service ROI, social Promotion ROI, and, of course, the ROI of Traditional Media (TV, Print, Radio).By working out this dollar value (look at your historical records as a gauge you can better determine how much you should invest in your online marketing and advertising efforts.