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Account ID : This represents a unique account of a type.
PHP_EOL; / Renders SteamID in it's Steam2 representation (e.g.
There are also other types such as clans (Steam groups gameservers, and more.
Renders SteamID in it's Steam3 representation (e.g.You signed in with another tab or window.Account ID my PHP is very rusty, but here's some (untested) pseudocode that should do roughly what's required: var steamId ; var universe (steamId64 56) 0xFF; if (universe 1) universe 0; var accountIdLowBit steamId64 1; var accountIdHighBits (steamId64 1) 0x7ffffff; / should hopefully produce "steam_0:0:35928448".You can't perform that action at this time.Reply With", 01:22 AM #3, originally Posted by Netshroud Method 3 does the same thing as Method 1, but can result in an overflow or underflow,.e.Instance : Steam allows three simultaneous user account instances right now (1 desktop, 2 console, 4 web, 0 all).PHP library to work with SteamIDs wall street trader game steam valve php steamid, this 64bit structure is used for identifying various objects on the Steam network.SetAccountInstance New account instance Sets the account instance.X represents the "Universe" the steam account belongs.Universe : Currently there are 5 universes.

The response is given in XML and all you require is: *Api Key *64bit ID to look up (example: ).
Using this library, it's really easy to use it, as constructor automatically figures out given input and works its magic from there.
Reply With", 04:05 AM #4 Nowhere in Code: function does it limit the input to a uint32, because afaik PHP can't.Try s new SteamID( ID if( s- GetAccountType!Convert Steam IDs to and from Community IDs and User IDs.GetAccountID - Gets the account.PHP_EOL; SteamID normalization If you run some website where users can enter their own SteamIDs, sometimes you might encounter SteamIDs which have wrong universe or instanceid set, which will result in a completely different, yet valid, SteamID.Steam_0:1:12357840) echo s- RenderSteam2.You can call IsValid on given SteamID instance to perform various checks which make sure that given account type / universe / instance are correct.Method game s60v2 3d perang 3 does the same thing as Method 1, but can result in an overflow or underflow,.e.