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SF2 has html documentation, not my personal favorite (that would be a well constructed PDF but it will.
The sim felt a little more tense because of the If I dont complete my objectives I dont get paid factor.
The catch I found out later though was in the mod installs, but thats for later.
Eventually, a Vista/7 only expansion named.
Strike Fighters 2 is more based around the Middle East, where the Vietnam title is, you guessed it, based in Vietnam, and Europe is Cold War era Germany.The biggest issue I had though was there were no pre-set missions, mission editors, or training missions, and no multiplayer.The sounds overall are good, I just hoped for a little more variety.They all handle like you would expect, and they feel good.Furthermore, I didnt medal of honor spearhead notice any way to record tracks or acmi or replays, which would be an invaluable feature for evaluating how you got shot down.In doing so the latest graphical, Artificial Intelligence, and features were written into the simulation.All in all, the panels get a pass for visual but really should be clickable.There were other things such as the glow of the afterburners and the suns projecting light from it which were pretty nice, but I feel it could have used a bit of HDR bloom to truly emulate the effect of fighting someone in the sun.Avsim Combat FlightSim Review, strike Fighters 2 Series, sF2, SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe.The RWR is a great feature and can save your life if you know how to use.While Dhimar becomes a wealthy and economically powerful country, Paran has become poor.

When drilling operations begin in the oil fields, Shah Mushani of Paran sends his troops across the border, beginning a long conflict between the nations.
Installation and Documentation, the installation was straight forward.
This can be said of most sims.
Strike Fighters 2 is a, pC game (Combat flight Simulator ) that primarily centers on a fictitious conflict in the Middle East between the Kingdom of Dhimar and the Empire of Paran from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.I would love to be able to recommend these, however the lack of multiplayer is the biggest killer of it, as its always more fun to fly a combat mission with friends than to fly alone, and after a while the sim may get stale.There are panels for the various aircraft, however I cant get over not being able to click them.For example, when I first tried to take off in the A-10, I crashed because I was not taking into account how to properly fly the aircraft during this procedure and I stalled, crashed and burned.This allows you to run all the content from the various SF2 sims off one EXE.In September 1933, Shah Mushani decides to put a halt to the conflict, following numerous attempts to capture the Mazadran oil fields.