sublime text 2 macro recorder

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Theme: Added support for the highlight_modified_tabs setting.
Note that the macro buffer will only remember the macro recorded latest.
OS X: wrc 2011 pc game Open File and Open Folder have been combined into a single Open menu item OS X: ControlOptionLeft/Right will move by sub words, in the same manner as ControlLeft/Right Windows: Default font is now Consolas Windows: Improved text rendering quality when using Direct Write.Existing project files will be converted on load.More folding options will be added in the future.Added text drag and drop, reloading a file maintains the selection.Passing folders on the command line will open them in a new window by default ShiftTab will always unindent when the caret is at the beginning of the line Tweaked Delete Word Tweaked behavior of up/down with non-empty selections Build is now bound to CtrlB.Version.0.1, release Date:, keyboard input while dragging a selection will cancel the drag.

Hwnd (Windows only) Build 2076 Release Date: Relabeling from Alpha to Beta Added Command Palette (Windows and Linux: CtrlShiftP, OSX: CommandShiftP) Added Distraction Free mode (accessible via View/Enter Distraction Free Mode) Selected text is rendered with syntax highlighting, unless the color scheme specifies a selectionForeground.
Text_point works as expected when passing in negative rows and columns API: parser module may be imported on Linux Changelog Linux: Fixed an incompatibility with non-ubuntu distributions Windows: Fixed an issue when running from a path with unicode characters OSX: Command1 will select the first.
Macro files are json files with the extension.sublime-macro.Download, the current version of Sublime Text 2.0.2.This enables commands like delete_word (i.e., CtrlBackspace).Sign up using Email and Password.Ntax_name is still available for compatibility.This is controlled with the enable_hexadecimal_encoding global setting Projects: Folders may be given a name attribute, to change how they're displayed Projects: Exclude patterns may include paths, for example: file_exclude_patterns: "" Projects:.sublime-project files passed on the command line will be opened as projects, without -project.